Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

We spent Valentine's Day snuggled at home during a snowstorm!
We did lots of crafts, made Valentines for each other, and read all of our Valentine stories a few more times.

One of the really neat things we made were recycled paper Valentines to send to our friends! We put used paper in the blender with some water and then poured it out onto a screen we had stapled to a wooden frame. After we got most of the water pressed out, we used a rolling pin to make the paper even and smooth. We let it dry out and then made some fun Valentines!

Wet-on-wet watercolor painting.

"I will be your Vawentwine!"

The boys thought this little visitor (who came in on our firewood) was so cute.

I hope everyone else had a really nice Valentine's Day! 

"Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end." -Author Unknown

The Snow Moon

Did you know that February's full moon is known as the Snow Moon? It is because February is typically the month with the most snowfall. Kind of like King Winter's "last hurrah." I am ready for the snow to end, but the children certainly haven't tired of it! They are having so much fun sledding, building forts, and playing in the white fluff. Charlie even convinced Daddy to help him dig a tunnel after this past storm!

I love this shot- so typical of our little man!

 The little ones watching big brother and Daddy work hard at digging!

I went outside to get a picture of the tunnel and I couldn't resist snapping a few shots of them in the window!

We are still keeping warm with stories, hot meals, fires, blankets and more stories! I even tried making a variation of my mother-in-law's cabbage rolls! Martin said they were great, and because he grew up on the best, I guess they came out pretty well.

 Big brother Charlie is now fully reading and more than willing to read books to Matthew. Thank goodness, because Matthew loves, loves, loves to be read to. We wake up and read stories. We have snack, then read stories. We play, then read stories. It is so much fun! 

Here are a few shots of Daddy and Match reading one of the books he chose from the library last week.

We are slowly gearing up for Spring! We ordered our chicks (who are currently being fostered by some awesome friends of ours) and our bees. Martin picked up the equipment and box for our bees on Monday. They will be arriving in late Spring!

 The biggest news around here is that we now have another little walker! Abbie went from cruising to walking a few weeks ago and now is constantly on the go! She is very proud of herself, indeed!

See that chalkboard in the background? Martin just finished that for us! We have been having a lot of (dusty) fun with it!