Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring is finally making herself known!

The Spring has finally arrived and the damp smell of warming earth is welcomed with each breath. The children are spending their days climbing trees, digging in the dirt, swinging on their new swing and playing with their friends. We are enjoying the beautiful weather and I hope all of you are as well.

On March 20th, in recognition of the official start of Spring, we invited lots of friends (old and new) to help us celebrate and welcome in the new season. At the time, we still had quite a bit of snow, but the sun was shining and it was well above freezing outside! The children made crafts, played outside, did a Spring circle and a dear friend of mine told them a beautiful story with the help of her eldest daughter. I It was a wonderful experience and I am definitely looking forward to getting to know so many other home-schooling families in our community! 

March 25th we found ourselves at the MiSci museum in Schenectady to check out a really neat butterfly exhibit. This is an awesome museum for children. Magnets, sand tables, sound, gravity, wind. So many awesome exhibits that the children can actually TOUCH and experience!

Most of our group went into the "wind tunnel."

Martin has been hard at work building a chicken coop, while the children and I are are doing some fun reading about chickens and eggs. A dear friend of ours recently introduced us to Reg Down's "Tiptoes" series and we are currently reading and loving the "Eggs for Hunting" stories. Charlie is especially fond of the ridiculous dynamics between two of the characters, Pine Cone and Pepper Pot. We read one or two chapters before bed each night, and most evenings Charlie will beg for "just one more chapter." 

Of course, Martin is not just building a coop for the fun of it. 

With all this help, it amazes me he didn't have it done in one day!

This means, in another week or two, we will be getting chickens! We are hatching out some, and have a few being fostered at our friends' farm.

We currently have five chicken eggs, in an incubator, that are due to hatch on Easter morning! The boys are so excited about this- and Charlie has taken a real interest in the whole process. Matthew tells everyone that we have "hard boiled eggs on the counter." We candled the eggs, and barring any major disaster, we will have five baby chicks joining our four ducklings next week. Oh yea, the ducklings. These cuties right here:

We all have fallen in love. They are four Khaki-Campbells and we are really enjoying their silly little ducky dispositions. I assumed because I am the one feeding and watering them, that they would sort of "imprint" on me.. but apparently they think Abbie is their mother. They follow her around outside... as she giggles and squeals with delight!. But if I want the ducks to go somewhere, I now have to try to get my one year old to lead them... easier said than done.

Did you catch that? A one year old. Abbie turned one this past weekend! 

What a beautiful, loving soul this child has. Her smile is absolutely contagious and I see so much joy and light flow from her. She brings such a wonderful presence to our family and we all are so much in love with her. 

Sunday we spent the day outside- playing, working on projects, and getting the garden prepped for some early plantings. The children helped us to spread some peat moss and the resulting mess was just so adorably messy. It took three rounds of hair washing and scrubbing to get them clean!

The rest of the week we will be preparing for Easter, baby chicks, early plantings, and sunshine. I hope you will be finding ways to celebrate and experience this time of new birth, new growth, and new life.