Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Happy Halloween!

We decided not to take the kids trick-or-treating this year. Instead, we had a perfect, low-key Halloween!  We invited over friends, ate too much yummy food, and lots of fun was had by all.  Some of the awesomeness you get to enjoy when you have a Halloween party is sharing more "traditional," homemade treats.  We got to eat homemade caramel apples and homemade apple cider donuts and homemade maple popcorn!  We had hot cider and chili.  It was perfect for a nice celebration as the weather gets colder!
While the adults would have been thrilled with just that, we knew the kids would want to get their hands on some treats, so we set up a "trick or treat trail" on the path that Martin made through the woods.  That beautiful path the boys and I walk each day looked magical in the evening light.  There was a bit of a misty-rain coming down, but that only added to the excitement!  We lit candles and put our Jack-o-lanterns out on the trail, along with buckets and baskets full of treats for the kids to find along their walk.  
I will add more pictures than these if I can get them out of some of the other parents that were there- unfortunately I didn't manage to get many!

Paul Bunyan, Dinosaur, & Ghost 
Abbie was a chicken- her costume kept her nice and warm!

One of the pumpkins on the trail.

You can see one of the many lanterns we had hanging on the trail.  It was so beautiful!

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