Monday, September 30, 2013

September's Adventures

September began and I realized we needed to incorporate a stricter schedule.  OK, that sounds way too strict.  I hate schedules.  I am a fly-by-the moment kind of person.  However, for the sake of my kids (who definitely are NOT into my flightiness) I have started incorporating more rhythms into our day.  We have started each morning with a hike.  Not far, not long.  Often, no destination in mind.  After breakfast we get dressed.  The grass is still covered in the cold dew that Autumn brings.  Some mornings the boys are quiet and observant.  They walk slowly and stop to look at everything.  Other mornings, they run wildly down the trail.  This morning we were using sticks as flashlights, looking for bears.  Last week we brought baskets out to look for fallen leaves.  It feels magical.

Charlie & Match

 Charlie, above.  Hanging upside down in the hollow log.   Match, right.  He had to get a peek at the camera, too!
We were lucky enough to spot this beautiful web.  The spider was hanging out where we could see it!

Many of our walks take us by "the pond."   It is really a glorified puddle.  Don't tell the kids that, though!

A Great Blue Heron moved into the pond this Summer.  
We got to see some of the Heron's tracks under the water!

One of our many "visitors."

Charlie & Match on the "grass trail."

Abbie getting bundled up for her morning walk!

We have missed one or two days of the morning walk this month, and it made me realize how important this part of our day actually is.  The fun monsters turned mean on the days we didn't walk.
If your mornings feel rushed and there is more chaos going on than you would like to see, go take a walk.
The kids won't mind if you do the breakfast dishes later.  Trust me.

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