Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Basket of Books

We have this beautiful picnic basket from the 1940's which is now serving as our book basket.  We are adding in several books each month, mostly stories themed around the time of year.  

September's books were a huge hit with the boys.  Match and Charlie sat and read them several times throughout each day.  Matthew would often take them out and search until he found his brother.  It was so sweet to overhear Charlie reading to his little brother!  

Charlie reading Duck & Goose to Match.

We just made the switch to October's books and the kids are excited for something new.  We may have to keep Duck & Goose in there, however.  It is definitely one of their favorites!


  1. We have Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin too!

    How long do you plan to home school?

    Do you worry about them missing some social benefits? Like my siblings and I (3 siblings) were all successful in sports and had great experience running track and cross country. If I were to home school (not that I can at this point) that would be my biggest concern, is Isaac missing out on joining teams and clubs.

  2. Hey Missy! We are planning to try to go through elementary school at this point. Which means they would be in school before organized sports begin. We may send them at any point, or may home school them for their entire academic career :-) I don't think school would ruin my children, but for now, I feel I can offer them a better environment and experience than the current school systems. As for socializing now, we are getting together with a group in Clarksville!