Sunday, January 19, 2014

January's Adventures

We have been enjoying the streak of warmer weather, spending lots of time outside during the day. Both boys can be soaking wet, freezing cold and yet enjoy themselves so much they won't come in! We have had several great days of sledding- and at one point our entire family was on the toboggan together! Charlie has gone out to the pond with Martin and is pretty persistent in his desire to learn to ice skate! Matthew is happy to toddle along and notice things in the way only a two year old can. ("Look! SNOW!") 

Our days have been full. There is no better way to describe it. Full of fun, baking, learning, crafting, friends, family, and life:

The cold evenings have been filled with dreaming and planning many projects. Is there nothing better than sitting by the fire giving voice to our hopes for the warmer seasons? 

This year we will be getting chickens! The boys are so excited that we will have our own hens, and I look forward to helping them learn to care for their own little brood! 
Martin is going to take a course on beekeeping and hopefully we will also have some bees joining us, as well!
Martin has big plans for some berry bushes and I am already looking forward to getting my hands into the cool earth when the time comes to plant our garden! 

That said, we are also doing our best to enjoy each moment as it comes. This season has been one filled with beauty and growth for all of us. Charlie has taken off with his reading! If Matthew is persistent enough, he can often coax his big brother into reading him a few stories when this Mama is otherwise occupied. Matthew is busy exploring his world in the most physical, playful way. Everything needs to be touched, examined, touched again. His gruff, physical nature (even at two!) often causes me to forget how sweet and caring his personality is- but the hugs and kisses he gives so freely are an awesome reminder! Abigail is so close to walking, that we are all holding our breath, waiting for the day she just heads across the room! 

We are well on our way back into a routine. It is so wonderful to watch our children thrive in the rhythmic nature of routine. The rhythms of our days cause time to blend into this long, beautiful sequence of life. The snuggles, the stories, the baking, the laundry, the baths, the crying, the singing, the kisses goodnight, the squeals of joy that come when they realize a new day has begun!

This month, we have been enjoying so many wonderful books! The boys received Owl Babies and Good People Everywhere for Christmas. A simplistic beauty is present in both of these books and they draw the children in so completely! These two stories are fast favorites for both Match and Charlie. We are also enjoying lots of other books themed around winter, sledding and snow. 

I hope that everyone reading this is enjoying this beautiful month and finding their own rhythms in the new year. 

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