Friday, October 25, 2013

Something just a little bit spooky...

For Halloween, my oldest decided he wanted to be something, "just a little bit spooky."  He decided making a ghost would be the coolest thing- and I agreed.  
So, we had a decision.  Now we needed a costume!  
The simple route meant he could help.  We cut two holes and draped it over him. I also sewed some make-shift sleeves to keep the costume from just falling off as he moved around.  
The fact that it looks like a costume one of the kids from the Peanuts Gang would have worn is no accident.  It took a little convincing to stop at just two holes in the costume.  He wanted to have lots of them so he could tell people, "I had a little trouble with the scissors," like Charlie Brown . 

If you are itching for a preview- here it is:

Happy Spooking!

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