Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Leaves and Bears

This week we are reading a few new books surrounding Autumn's themes of leaves and pumpkins.  The boys are enjoying them, but the story of a little bear experiencing the changing seasons became a fast favorite and has found its way into all of our hearts.

Match and Charlie have been collecting so many beautiful leaves and we needed to start using them for projects before the bear from their story thinks he can come in our house to hibernate!  

We tried to make a leaf lantern using a balloon, glue, and leaves.  
I will spare you the photos of that mess!  

We decided to try again, and instead glued leaves on an empty jar... the results were really neat!   

Charlie built a road layout that led to a pumpkin patch.  He used his lantern to light the way for the people on their way to get their pumpkins!  

We also used some of the leaves we found to make an Autumn Garland.   

 We used some hemp twine and tied on acorns and leaves the boys had found! 

It is so neat to find natural ways to bring the season into our home.

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